Quality Policy

Trans Star Shipping Agency Corporation is committed to provide quality services to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction as well as creating a safe culture for our recruited seafarers.

This is achieved by establishing and implementing operational processes which transpired from the combination of managerial principles and established experience in the Shipping Industry.

The company aims to achieve quality service by:

  • providing highly qualified, trained and professional Filipino seafarers that will meet the needs of the expanding fleet, demands and challenges of our clients.

  • continuously informed of the ever-changing requirements in the global shipping business and take an active part in those changes.

  • maintaining a structured training scheme covering the mandatory and company specific training for our seafarers.

  • maintaining a complete computerized database of all our previous and current seafarers to optimize crew planning.

  • maintaining high level of qualifications exceeding the requirements set forth by the STCW 95 convention and the relevant flag states requirements.

  • providing high quality and cost-effective full range crew management services handled by well-experienced and professional team.

  • continuously developing employee’s skills and training to improve their effectiveness and contribution to the company.

The Company has developed and implemented a Management System that shall meet and maintain the validity and identification of the Quality System achieved through the accreditation of the Quality Standard System under ISO 9001:2015.

For the accomplishment of the Quality Policy, all company employees shall be actively involved in maintaining and validating all the procedures that the Quality System ensures. The company management shall monitor and continuously improve the Quality System to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

The Quality Policy is notified to all the members of the company.